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If you want to incorporate Coconut Oil into your health regimen what is the hit to your pocket book?I encourage you to evaluate the benefits to your health of Coconut Oil and not just look at the cost of the product.

Coconut Oil Global Foods

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Here are four different levels of pricing on FCO that I’ve seen and that have quite a broad range:

1. 16 oz bottle Fractionated Coconut Oil Carrier Oil on ebay for $2.25 approximately 1 lb.

2. 1 lb tub Fractionated Coconut Oil on for $6.96.

3. 16 oz  (1 lb) Organic Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil on Amazon for $14.99.

4. 6 oz bottle of Ameo Fractionated Coconut Oil for $23.33 which equals approximately $62.06 per lb.

Here are a few different price levels for Virgin Coconut Oil that I’ve seen:

1. 1 Gal Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Organic from for $48.97 or approximately $6.13 per lb.

2. 1 Gal Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by Global Goods, Inc. from Alpine Food Storage ( for $51.21 or approximately $6.40 per lb.

3. 16 oz. Organic cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil on for $7.99 approximately 1 lb.

4. 1 Gal Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from Amazon for $78.20 or approximately $9.76 per lb.

5. 16 FL. Oz. Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil on for $19.95 approximately 1 lb.

There is a pretty good range in prices for both types of oil. In our family we have purchased a few different brands. Our latest brand to purchase is the Global Goods, Inc. from Alpine Food Storage. We feel like this has a better taste than what we previously have used.

You can see that the price range average, excluding the price of #4 for FCO is slightly in favor of FCO. However, the difference in pricing, contrary to what I thought it would be is practically insignificant. Therefore you will need to evaluate the oil you would like, what is the purpose for which you are purchasing the oil, which type of oil is easier to use and after that what is the cost impact and ease of purchasing.

Have you found better pricing? What manufacturer and retail location do you prefer?

Enjoy Your Coconut Oil!

Brian Olsen


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