We are moms (and dads) at different stags of life. We try to live life in a more natural way using herbs and essential oils. We are learning from each other and sharing the things we learn and love, along with some of our adventures.

 Kamille  (Brian)

Brian and Kamille

As a baby and very small child, Brian had health issues that led his mother on a path to find alternative health options. She felt like there had to be more options out there. This created, in herself and in her children, a mindset of openness and alternatives that continues to this day. Brian has always been open and willing to try new things and is always looking for opportunities to learn, whatever the subject.

When Kamille married into Brian’s family, she eagerly began studying and learning the herbal remedies and lifestyle changes taught by Brian’s mother. The knowledge gained from Brian’s mother lead Kamille to learn about essential oils when they where introduced to her years later. Now, more than 20 years and eight children later they are as excited as ever to continue to learn and share with others.

Kamille has carried on that love of learning and serving others as their family has grown. There is always a multitude of opportunities to learn and experiment, especially with eight children and a large circle of family and friends.

Kamille has homeschooled each of her children, ranging in age from their early 20’s down to a 4 year old, at some point. Her oldest three children where homeschoold and then attended public school during junior high and high school. The 5 children remaining at home are all currently homeschooled, from a junior to a kindergartner.

Though busy with family life Kamille enjoys learning about the body, how it works & how everything is connected to the feet. She also enjoys quilting, sewing and creating fun healthy recipes.People will never forget

Brian is an entrepreneur and real estate agent. He takes every opportunity to learn more about business and any other topic he finds interesting, which are many. He enjoys meeting new people who are eager to venture into new opportunities.

Both Brian and Kamille enjoy being outside, whether it is in their garden, hiking, on the wateror in the snow. They love to spend time with their children and grab a book to read every chance they get. Service in their family, church, and community keeps them thinking of others and striving to be more Christ like.


Stephanie (Eric)


Stephanie has been involved in alternative healing and health practices all of her life. With a mother who was a pioneer in the education and application of herbs and their benefits, Stephanie couldn’t help but continue that legacy. There was always some type of experimentation going on at home during her formative years and she has ca“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.” ~ Hippocratesrried this on throughout her life.

Stephanie has always loved to study the different modalities of healing. Starting out in anatomy at college and becoming a Certified Esthetician at a young age. Over the past 15 years she has also done much research and experimentation with essential oils. They are a big part of her daily life and her recommendations to clients in their healing process.

To Stephanie, it is fascinating that everyone is so unique. She believes that each one of us responds in our own unique way to different methods of treatments. The beauty is in teaching this to her clients so that they can become more familiar with their own body, their own mind and their intuitive sense. She believes that each one of us are on a path to our own healing discoveries and she is an instrument in that discovery that each one of us gets to make.

Stephanie’s Mother and Father taught her the importance of a healthy, natural and active life style, and most importantly, they taught her to enjoy life. She has continued this philosophy with her own family. Aside from learning about the body and all the things that can heal, she has 5 lively and fun loving children who keep her young. She has a wonderful husband who she loves to enjoy life with. As a family they enjoy camping, hiking, biking, looking for golf balls (near their house). Being near the ocean, looking for sand dollars and anything else that brings them out into nature.

Stephanie also enjoys spending time with her large family and with friends. Stephanie is very involved in her religion and tries to always have a pure Christ like love for others. She is very grateful for her blessings and experiences in life so far and sees much more adventure in her future.

Adreonna (Jared)

Adree and Jared

As the youngest mom in the bunch, Adreonna continues to learn much from her mom (Kamille) and Aunt (Stephanie). Adreonna a~ Nelson Mandeland Jared had there first child in March. Each day and every stage is a new adventure, as they are learning how to be parents.

Adreonna was homeschooled for a few years while growing up and plans on home schooling her little guy. Adreonna
and Jared use essential oils and other home remedies frequently in their home (how could they not since Adreonna grew up in a home where herbal concoctions and home remedies were the norm).

Adreonna and her family are currently living on the east coast. They are enjoying seeing all the historic sites and spending time in their new surroundings. Adreonna loves to learn about new things, from using essential oils to setting up websites.



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